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Work with us and you’ll find unmatched expertise in enterprise software architecture, design, development and testing for a range of IBM products, as well as Linux and open source development.

The Value of OpenPOWER from IBM Systems Magazine. Steve Mills, Watch the video.

Linux and open source

The ADL is home to a highly skilled Linux and open source development team based in Canberra, which forms part of IBM’s global Linux Technology Center (LTC).

Boasting a wealth of technical expertise, the team contributes to and collaborates with a variety of open source project teams, and regularly presents at major international Linux symposiums. The team also work with major Linux distributors to deploy Linux on IBM OpenPOWER.

Recently, the team has been working with the OpenPOWER Foundation – an open development alliance based on IBM's POWER microprocessor architecture. Partnering with industry players to build advanced server, networking, storage and GPU acceleration technology, we’re helping to develop the key technologies underpinning the OpenPOWER Consortium – such as open source firmware, Linux-based hardware exerciser tools, KVM and OpenStack.

And when collaborating with a global community of software developers and cloud computing technologists, the team delivers software architecture, compute and storage expertise for open source development.

Deliver the right content at the right moment with Watson Content Hub

Watson Customer Engagement

Our team in Sydney leads the international development of IBM Digital Experience and IBM Watson Content Hub, delivering seamless multi-channel experiences to customers through integrated content, social capabilities, cognitive capabilities and analytics.

Watson Content Hub is the newest offering from the team. Born on the cloud, it provides the content management capabilities needed to deliver compelling brand experiences across all channels; be it mobile, email, app or website. IBM Watson Content Hub is built for the cognitive and cloud era of computing.

 IBM Z Systems in the cognitive era. COGNITIVE BUSINESS WITH IBM z. Watch the video.

Enterprise systems software (z Systems)

A centre of excellence in the development of Enterprise Systems software solutions, the ADL team in Perth delivers mainframe software solutions for IBM System z.

The team develops asset management solutions such as Tivoli Asset Discovery for z/OS, performance reporting software like Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS, enterprise automation software and finance applications.

At the forefront of compiler technology, the team is a major contributor to the New Face of z/OS – an initiative designed to ensure the next generation of programmers and support professionals continue to understand and utilise the power and potential of mainframe computers.

IBM ® Security Network Protection, Proven IBM security. Watch the video

Security solutions software

As the number of channels to do business increases, so too does the need for sophisticated new security strategies to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. The IBM Security Solutions division within the ADL is helping clients take a smarter approach to cyber security by delivering software solutions that address everything from access weaknesses to compliance issues.

This solutions-focused team includes some of the region’s leading cryptography technologists and X-Force research staff. Members are recognised as industry thought leaders who deliver next-generation solutions in the segments of threat, identity and access management, mobile and cloud security, infrastructure protection and security intelligence. Some of these solutions include IBM Security Access Manager, IBM Security Identity Manager, IBM Security Federated Identity Manager, IBM Security Host Protection and IBM Security Network Protection.

As the regional headquarters for the IBM Security Solutions division, the Gold Coast based team works closely with IBM’s sales and services departments, making available a respected, talented development group who form trusted relationships with clients.

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  • Abhisek Chatterjee

    Abhisek Chatterjee

    Program Director, ADL OpenSource Development & OpenPower Enablement

  • Allan Ferreira

    Allan Ferreira

    Program Director, ADL Digital Experience Development