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Reinventing Australian
Enterprises for the
Digital Economy

Digital transformation leaders versus followers

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Digital technology will be the catalyst for a dramatic shift from classroom to internet-based education. Here’s the expected landscape for 2025.


Australia’s current healthcare costs are unsustainable. However, if digital transformation can be accelerated, the difference in 2025 is remarkable.


A new generation of management will see mining change focus from building capacity to driving efficiency. This is what we expect by 2025.

Public Administration

Reduced costs and improved quality – that’s the expected impact by 2025 if digital transformation can be accelerated across the public sector.


Expect consumers to gain more power and retailers to hybridise bricks and mortar with online innovation. Here’s where the sector will be by 2025.


To lead in this sector requires sustaining investment in network quality plus launching value-added services. Here are the expectations for 2025.

Financial Services

While still dominating the economy at 11%, the balance of power in financial services will change dramatically. Here’s what we’ll see by 2025.

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