Neutralise threats

Security is the difference between game-on and game over. IBM can help you leverage cognitive capabilities and a leading threat intelligence platform, to protect devices, data, applications and users.

Improve mobile security and workforce productivity

Detect threats before they impact your business

Protect your sensitive data

Enhance and simplify your mobile security

Improve mobile security and workforce productivity

For many businesses, manually managing and securing mobile devices and enterprise apps can be risky and time consuming.

Arrow International on the other hand, decreased the time and cost of mobility management, while strengthening its mobile security, with the IBM MaaS360 cloud offering.

Maas360 is recognised as a market leader and is the only mobile security solution with the ability to extend to cognitive capabilities. “Other products don’t have the all-around capability of Maas360, to protect against viruses and malware in a single solution” – says Wayne Broekhals – IT Manager at Arrow International.

Detect threats before they impact your business

35% of businesses have trouble prioritising IT vulnerabilities. On top of this, big technology threats can be easily hidden, putting your business at risk.

IBM QRadar can help you seek them out and prioritise which threats to focus on using first-class security intelligence. QRadar collects data and analyses all areas of your technology, helping you detect your major vulnerabilities. That way you can detect, prioritise and handle major security threats within hours.

QRadar is recognised as a market leader by Gartner and Forrester and is the only security intelligence solution with the ability to extend to cognitive capabilities.

Protect your sensitive data

Sensitive data is multiplying and it’s highly distributed, so it’s not enough just to guard your IT perimeter. As much as 70% of your company’s value resides in intellectual property – such as customer data, product designs, sales information, proprietary algorithms, communications – so it’s vital you find a way to protect it.

IBM Security Guardium protects the sensitive data at the heart of your business – wherever it resides. It uses analytics to work out where the biggest risks are and adapts to meet these challenges.

Guardium is recognised as the leading database security solution by KuppingerCole and has the ability to support big data environments.

Enhance your mobile security by simplifying your management

Being able to protect all your mobile devices from a single management console can be a game changer for your organisation.

With the help of IBM, St Virgil’s College is now able to better manage its iPad fleet and provide its students with an education experience fit for the digital age. IBM MobileFirst means the College can centrally control everything from security, document distribution and wireless access to individual device settings.

IBM MobileFirst can help your business reach its goals by providing the latest devices, as well as the most streamlined and secure cognitive-powered mobility management in-market at competitive prices.