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Enterprise class cloud managed infrastructure

Cloud management with the added value of choice and automation above and beyond provisioning of virtual machines

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is a fully managed, security-rich and production-ready cloud environment designed to ensure enterprise-class performance and availability. SCE+ offers complete governance, administration and management control along with service-level agreements (SLAs) to align your specific business and usage requirements. Multiple security and isolation options built into the virtual infrastructure and network keep this cloud separate from other cloud environments.


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Choice & control
Choice & control

Cloud management with flexible configuration options

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With flexible configuration options, you can configure your cloud infrastructure to meet your unique needs. With access to a variety of standard options, you gain the flexibility to choose the appropriate configuration that meets both the capacity and performance requirements of your application workloads across many different types of use cases.

Your choice of enterprise operating systems

x86 operating system

IBM Power Systems™ operating system


Your choice of virtual machine capacity options

We offer a set of standard, pre-defined configurations for CPU, memory and storage for individual instances. With this approach, you gain flexibility as well as cost-effectiveness.

x86 options 32-bit configurations 64-bit configurations

Small Medium Large Small Medium Large Extra large
Virtual CPUs 1 2 4 1 2 4 8
Virtual memory (gigabytes) 1 2 4 2 4 8 16
Instance storage (gigabytes) 64 128 192 64 128 192 384
IBM Power Systems options 64-bit configurations

Small Medium Large Extra large Jumbo
Virtual CPUs 1 2 4 8 16
Virtual memory (gigabytes) 2 4 8 16 32
Instance storage (gigabytes) 64 128 192 384 512

Your choice of software

IBM and non-IBM software can be included in the service catalog at your request, including:

SmartCloud Enterprise+ for System z

Extending SmartCloud Enterprise+ capability to mainframe clients. The service enables customers to consume the right level of mainframe computing resources and dynamically adjust capacity levels as business needs change, with the flexibility of usage-based pricing model. Offered as a highly virtualized environment that is secured using System z's industry leading logical partitioning and IBM security products, and managed by IBM's global service delivery teams. The service features current z/OS operating systems and associated IBM middleware software solutions with optional features for ensuring the highest levels of availability.

Cloud management services based on ITIL practices to provide governance and control

Monitoring and management of operating systems (OS) include:

ITIL-based managed services for more consistent and efficient service management include:

You may also choose supporting managed services to enable additional management and resiliency:

Self-service web portal for rapid access

Designed for ease of use, our self-service portal offers automated service activation to speed provisioning times and reduce the need for error-prone and manual processes.

Using a standardized, web-based portal, you request the creation or destruction of an environment through a graphical user interface. At a high level, the provisioning process involves the creation of an instance based on four key areas:


Enterprise-class networking capabilities include:


IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is designed to address demanding, highly transactional enterprise-level applications with production storage capabilities in a cloud environment. The solution includes a block-based, enterprise-grade, high performance, fully redundant fibre channel storage area network, based on IBM's mature and industry-leading SVC and IBM storage virtualisation technologies.


Many cloud providers focus on automating the virtual machine (provisioning) and leave the preparation of the environment to the end user, ignoring the process by which a cloud environment becomes security-rich, robust and stable. IBM SCE+ takes this into account, and combines IBM experience with substantial automation expertise to deliver complete cloud environments in hours rather than weeks.


“Given the attention to cloud-based solutions, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with comparisons and multiple options. However, when it comes to critical applications like SAP, we were looking for a mature model that could scale and cater to our unique prerequisites. The SCE+ offering fit this need very well and had the backing of a reliable global partner.”

- Yuri Aguiar, Senior Partner, CIO
Ogilvy & Mather

Tour IBM's Raleigh Leadership Data Centre
IBM's state-of-the-art date centre is engineered to support cloud computing

Cloud management monitoring and precautions

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ provides improved visibility into activities and threats to your account. Skilled IBM professionals monitor the environments of thousands of client accounts for security threats. These experts then apply the security intelligence gained from this daily activity monitoring and reporting to your account.

Additional security capabilities include:

Optional IBM security services

IBM Security Services offers a rich portfolio of services powered by IBM X-Force® security research and development. Managed security offerings that can enhance your security profile include vulnerability management, application security management, security event and log management and intrusion detection and prevention.


IBM proven software images

Cloud management service level agreements

IBM's SmartCloud Enterprise+ service-level packages consist of two components: virtual machine (VM) availability and infrastructure services. This allows us to deliver a security-rich, robust and stable environment in hours when it normally takes weeks.

We offer a variety of options, so you can choose the SLA that meets your specific business and usage agreement. Each higher-level option includes the features of more basic options, making it simple to scale up when needed.

Package Virtual machine availability Infrastructure services
Bronze 98.5%
Silver 99.5%
Gold 99.7%
Platinum 99.9%