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Truth Behind the Trends

You’ve heard about the latest technology trends, but what’s the reality for Australian organisations?

In any given year, some key trends dominate the IT conversation. Fuelled by vendors, analysts and the media, attention is firmly focused this year on trends in mobility, cloud and security. But how much of this is a reality for organisations in Australia, and how much of it is rhetoric? To cut through the hype and uncover what’s really happening in the IT departments of Australian organisations, IBM tested 10 widely-cited IT trends relating to mobility, cloud and security.

In a series of intensive half-day workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, we discussed these current trends with 87 IT leaders from a range of industries. We purposely focused on those who are responsible for day-to-day IT operations, rather than C-level executives focused solely on strategy. We then used a mix of quantitative and qualitative research to distil what these trends mean for today’s IT professionals.

The result is a series of surprising discrepancies between commonly-cited trends and the immediate realities facing IT departments in 2013.

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