What did we discuss at the Watson Summit Australia?

Welcome and Introduction to Watson Summit:
Hugh Riminton, Journalist, Foreign Correspondent and Television News Presenter
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Chitra Dorai, IBM Fellow, VP, CTO Cognitive
Services, IBM

The real world of cognitive business. Continuing advances in digital technologies have profoundly altered the way people and businesses interact. These digital forces are leading to a disruptive “rethink” of the way people live, engage, and work.
To succeed in such a disruptive environment, successful organisations will offer new experiences, build new expertise and devise new ways to work.
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A new world with Watson: Inspired
Tanmay Bakshi, Youngest working “algorithm-ist” in the world

Tanmay Bakshi is 13 years old, and a software developer, author, keynote speaker, algorithm-ist, honorary IBM Cloud advisor, IBM champion for Cloud and YouTuber.

Cognitive technologies, such as AI and neural networks, model the human brain and nervous system. They can improve lives in many different areas, especially in healthcare.

Most recently, Tanmay, IBM, Darwin Ecosystem, and Not Rocket Science have collaborated on The Cognitive Story project. This open-source initiative applies cognitive technologies to help individuals who are unable to communicate to express their emotions.

In this session, Tanmay captivated the audience by showing how he is changing the world with Watson.
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Manjula Ambur, Chief Knowledge Officer, ‎NASA Langley Research Center

Manjula discussed her role in the investigation of IBM Watson technologies and the implementation of NASA’s Watson with the audience.
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A new world with Watson: Realised
Jeremy Hubbard, Head of Digital & Technology, UBank

A world with Watson is no longer something just being written and spoken about. It's real.

This session offered a firsthand exploration of how UBank implemented Watson technology, and the value of Watson’s impact on their customer experience.
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Mark Middleton, Icon Cancer Care - Watson Oncology Signs.

Icon Group, Australia’s fastest growing cancer care provider, is working with IBM Watson for Oncology, helping physicians amplify their own expertise to deliver evidence-based care, particularly in clinics that lack specialist expertise across multiple cancer types.

Dr. Terry Sweeney, IBM Watson Health Executive for Asia Pacific, China and Japan interviewed Mark Middleton, CEO of Icon Group where they discussed the potential impact that Watson for Oncology could have on physician’s care of oncology in Australia.
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A new world with Watson: Redefined
Melanie Butcher, User Experience Director, IBM World Wide

As IBM User Experience Director, Melanie Butcher is on the edge of innovation. Working with pioneering early adopters of Watson customer engagement solutions, Melanie is passionate about infusing user empathy into every software iteration. See how Watson meets evolving needs of the individuals when you hear Melanie interact live on stage with the latest ‘Ask Watson’ application.

Following Melanie's session, interviews with:
-Ricky Sutton, Oovvuu: Whispering in the Ears of Millions.
-Timothy Mannah, Servian: Finding Diamonds - Using Watson to recruit people at a subconscious level.
-Danny May, Lingmo International: Using Watson to breakdown language barriers, and completely change the way people communicate.

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Closing remarks

Hugh Riminton, Journalist, Foreign Correspondent and Television News Presenter
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