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Are you ready to do more, do different and do better? The IBM Innovation Studio is where you can see what a future with cognitive technology looks like – you’ll see the innovations that organisations are using to transform their business.

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Roskilde Music Festival

We don’t usually hear sustainability issues and Rock Festival in one sentence. Learn how IBM helped the Copenhagen Business School and the Roskilde Music Festival launch the “Rio to Roskilde” Project by setting up an Analytics laboratory in under one day.

Weather Company

Learn first-hand the business of weather. See how real-time weather data can give companies a competitive edge – from bee keepers to retail companies.

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Cyber Security

Step inside our Cognitive Security Operation Centre to experience first-hand via a simulation how advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities combined with an intelligent, orchestrated, automated platform can help defend against advanced threats throughout the entire attack lifecycle.


Woodside Energy has been breaking ground for years, and not just with their drilling rigs. By implementing a cognitive solution powered by Watson, Woodside can provide employees the ability to search and analyse historical, scientific and experiential material to uncover insights to enable better decision-making.

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Future Bank

Connectivity between our financial institutions and our lifestyle will increasingly change with digitalisation. Retail Banking will be pervasive. Cognitive technology will help Banks build immersive and personal experiences everywhere and anywhere the customer wants to interact. Success depends on radical transformation that enables the integration of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and more.

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Connected Customers

Businesses are using digital to revolutionise how customers interact with brands. Learn how Cognitive technology can help you develop products customers want, drive insight and personalisation, improve digital experience and streamline access to support, across all channels

Hidden Figures

When creative minds work with the best technology, we can outthink anything. 55 years ago IBM computers helped calculate the space craft during launch and monitored John Glenn's orbit of the Earth in real time. Today, IBM Systems are transforming big data and analytics, cloud and modern data platform technology into competitive advantage for organisations of all sizes and industry types.

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