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Opportunities for retired IBM employees

Project 'Reach-out'. A new approach to Talent Management: an Invitation to the Retired IBMers.

REACH-OUT is an opportunity for you to continue using your skills and expertise in a new and different environment.

Opportunities exist to work for IBM in INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, THAILAND and VIETNAM. Positions are offered on the local terms and conditions of the destination country and positions are generally for a fixed term period of 1-2 years.

Are you an experienced professionals in any of these fields?

How to apply

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you have applied through IBM's Employment website so applications are properly processed by our recruiters.

Out of retirement, Greater IBM pioneers take skills to China

On 20 February 2008, Oma and Barbara Sewhdat stepped off a plane in Shanghai, filled with the excitement of a new adventure.

Barbara and Oma Sewhdat didn't know how big a step they had taken as they began a year-long assignment that will help Chinese students prepare to take new-found mainframe skills into the workplace.

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