At IBM, women lead the way

Successful women are part of our legacy. Here at IBM, you'll find innovative leadership programs to help accelerate your career, and many more opportunities to develop new skills and contribute to the advancement of your field. IBM is committed to gender equity from Board level down.

We respect your personal obligations and offer positions that will provide flexibility within your schedule. As you grow within the company, we'll work with you to accommodate your changing needs as best we can. The bottom line: changing careers doesn't have to mean changing employers.

Women in Technology Networking Group

This internal networking group has been established for a number of years and is focused on building a strong community of talented technical women across Australia and New Zealand. The Group holds regular networking events and sponsors workshops which support the career development of technical women.

Mentoring and professional development

IBM has a strong culture of mentoring and supporting our women. We have targeted career development programs for women, and our succession planning benches have a minimum of one woman identified for each Executive role. .

EXITE Camps for Girls

EXITE (Exploring Interests in Technology & Engineering) Camps are an IBM initiative to help fuel young girls' interests in taking science and math classes throughout high school and to help them understand how rewarding technology and engineering careers can be and how they offer opportunities to be creative, to become a leader and to give back to the community.

Women At IBM

Meet some of the inspiring IBM women who are making a difference right now.