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People with a Disability

  • Todd Wright

    Todd Wright

    Manager, Technology Management,
    Global Technology Services

After completing his studies in computer engineering, Todd Wright joined IBM in 2002. With excellent technical skills and strong attention to detail, he rose quickly through the ranks to become Business Operations Manager in the Server Management Midrange Unix area. Recently, he has moved to a new role in Systems Management Infrastructure.

Todd is also deaf but he sees this as being irrelevant to his ability to succeed professionally and is grateful that IBM feels the same way.

"There is no differentiation between what I and my colleagues produce or deliver. In most circumstances, I am able to do the same work as others, thanks to the support provided by IBM," he says.

That support includes lots of communications tools.

"I have a virtual phone line which explains to callers that I am deaf, and diverts callers to leave a message on my telephone typewriter or my mobile, which is then relayed via text/SMS. For meetings or teleconferences, IBM provides remote interpreting or online captioning services."

Todd also relies heavily on IBM's instant messaging tool, Sametime, which is used throughout the company.

"Many companies don't allow instant chat software. I am always thankful that IBM supports and actively encourages us to use Sametime. I use it as my virtual phone."

He sees IBM as a diversity-aware workforce.

"IBM is very active in educating its employees about Diversity when they join the company. Also, when I became a people manager, I was able to request a Deafness Awareness Training workshop for my team. IBM is one of the best companies for deaf people to work for, treating everyone equally and providing support to anyone who needs it. "