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Are you full of ideas? Can you see the big picture? Do you thin the worldcan work smarter? Are you an IBMer?

Why join IBM as a graduate? Yes, as the largest technology and consulting company in the world you may enjoy a higher level of job security, a strong sense of satisfaction in your first role and a list of clients and partners that many would envy - but as an organisation, IBM offers its grads so much more.

First of all, you'll be working with the best and the brightest and that's because we only take those who are ready to hit the ground running; those who are ready to work on real projects with real people right from the get go. As a graduate with us you'll also have the opportunity to participate in enterprise leading training and development programs where you can acquire accreditations, certificates and other qualifications relevant to your area of expertise.

Alongside a rich bank of programs, a network of intelligent people and an environment of accountability, we also endeavour to ensure that we maintain our culture of diversity for each year of current graduates. Our diversity focus enables us to cultivate a workplace of rich talent; talent from all different sorts of backgrounds meaning no matter where you come from, irrespective of your faith or beliefs - you'll feel welcome at IBM.

On top of all this, we provide you with a competitive salary package, employee benefits and the breadth of a globally integrated corporation. If this sounds like you, you can apply directly here or alternatively, continue the conversation on our Facebook page.

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