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your future made with IBM. what will you make with IBM?

There's never been a better time to join IBM

Everything we do is geared around bringing innovation to life. From the PC, the memory chip and the calculator, to the Barcode, the games console chip and NASA technology that saw man land on the moon, we’ve been powering world – firsts for over 100 years.

Right now, the world is facing challenging times. Along with global warming, there's food production, energy consumption and water conservation to grapple with. And it doesn't end there. In a few years, half of everyone on the planet will live in a city. That means we need better transport systems, better equipped security services, better infrastructure all round.

As the world’s largest consulting services company, operating in over 170 countries. We are championing efforts to combat climate change, making entire cities more sustainable, traffic flow more freely and helping consumers get more from mobile technology. We work with the most forward thinking clients, organisations and governments. So if you’re an ambitious undergraduate this is your chance to join a world leader.

At IBM you'll gain knowledge and experience like nowhere else. We employ talented people in almost every area, in just about every country, so no matter where your talents and aspirations lie, it's not hard to find like-minded people who share your interests.

Whatever your question or training needs, you'll have some of the best brains in the business to consult: a worldwide collaboration of resources, experience and expertise that will help you achieve what you know you are capable of - and perhaps more than that.