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Career development

Achieve your goals Multiple paths to your success, multiple ways to demonstrate your expertise.

Few places offer as many opportunities as IBM to gain knowledge in your field of expertise, work in a stimulating environment, and be rewarded for outstanding performance.

The key to success in IBM is to see beyond the given scope of your position, and understand your role in the success of your team, organisation and the company. You must be entrepreneurial, self-directed and a strong team contributor while keeping pace with change and providing great customer service.

In other words, a career plan with your goals is essential! And IBM has multiple resources to advise and guide you along the way.

New employee development

New employees join us at different stages in their careers. But they all share a common goal: to work in a place where their contribution will make a difference. And they also share a common need to learn and build bonds with fellow employees.

IBM Connections is a programme designed to help new employees quickly and effectively join the team.

The programme is structured to help new employees in two key ways:

  • Develop their business effectiveness;
  • Establish a good social network with their manager and colleagues.

Your manager

Your manager is there to support, advise and guide you on what is best for you and for the business. He or she will help determine your best next role, and identify development opportunities.

Individual development plan

An individual development plan is prepared yearly to assist in your development. It helps identify the skills you need to fulfil current and future business commitments, and the available prospects to improve those skills. It is also a great opportunity to discuss your career aspirations, job satisfaction, skills and competency gaps, and priorities for learning with your manager.

Foundational competencies

Foundational competencies will deepen your understanding of IBM Values by providing an outline of the behaviours that demonstrate our Values and create a high-performance culture.

The foundational competencies also establish a benchmark for high performance and collectively, they will provide you with a solid base on which to base your development priorities.

IBM Professions

If you ever face any professional, career and development challenges, an excellent source of support is the IBM Professions community. Made up of professionals and managers who are involved in similar projects, you'll find helpful assistance on a wide range of issues.

Each Profession focuses on specific areas of expertise:

  • IBM's Business Consulting Services Learning & Knowledge team provides learning offerings for employees in the Consultant Profession.
  • The Sales Profession Learning Centre enables sales professionals to identify areas that need strengthening, and roadmaps on how to enhance competencies and skills.
  • The Project Management Centre of Excellence offers a worldwide project management learning curriculum.
  • The IBM Global Services Institute provides an extensive range of knowledge for IT Specialists and IT Architects.


On demand learning

At IBM, learning is embedded in our DNA. It is essential to our success, allowing us to develop new initiatives, re-skill our workforce and address key market shifts. But we recognise that it is challenging to find time for formal learning.

That's why we created On Demand Learning, which enables employees to learn according to their schedules and priorities. It also enables us to recommend learning to employees based on their individual needs.

On Demand Learning offers three options:

  • Work Apart - you take a leave of absence to learn new skills
  • Work Embedded - we offer guidance at the exact moment you need it.
  • Work Enabled - you learn as you work

No matter which option you choose, you'll find that learning at IBM will enable to you leapfrog in your career development.


IBM encourages all employees to have mentors as it is great way to learn from others. In fact, most people benefit from having several mentors in different areas such as career growth, technical knowledge and enhancing business and client awareness.

Internal job market

Employees in IBM are able to use an Internet-based recruitment tool to search through the database of all current open positions and apply directly on-line for a position.