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Are you ready to make the world work smarter?

Whatever your discipline, whatever your level or experience there is a chance to build a career and help create a smarter planet with IBM right now.

Join us in a range of different roles, right across any of our growth markets.

Making things work better. Make them work smarter.

Every futurist and social trend observer agrees. We are at a crossroads in history, and the world has to adapt now to continue to thrive. In 1900, 13% of the world's population lived in cities. Come 2050, over 70% will. What's being done to make urban life smarter? Lots. IBM's technology has helped the NYPD reduce crime by 27%. In Stockholm, a dynamic new tolling systems has reduced gridlock by 20%.

We still seem to take water for granted. Except the 1 in 5 of us who doesn't have access to it. It takes 140 litres to make a single cup of coffee, and 10,000 litres to make a pair of jeans. IBM has developed smarter water metres, breakthrough purification processes and more intelligent water management.

Energy, Traffic, Work - it's all ready for improvement. And we are up to the task. But we need consultants who are too. Consultants that want to see the world work better. Consultants that share our passion. Consultants like you.