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HK Graduate Trainee Recruitment

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Blue Seed Program is an elite program designed to support Greater China Group (GCG) GEO expansion strategy by fostering the “Blue sales force” and equip up them with comprehensive IBM skills and competency through well designed structure and utilizing existing training programs to maximize quality of the training and return of this program.

This is a One-Year comprehensive program to help Sales Specialist Trainee speedy immersed into IBM working environment. Through a series learning activities, on-the-job training, mentoring and dynamic experience of hands-on selling, client interaction, business knowledge, internal processes, teaming and collaboration within IBM, our trainee could quickly equip up our fresh “Blue sales force” and be trained up as client-facing consultative sales and/or Information Technology specialist to respond to the client’s business demand.

One-year Sales Development Program

4-phase learning programs and various training activities enable our sales trainees with Consultative Selling, Client Interaction, Industry Insight and basic IBM competencies.

Phase 1: On-boarding and Culture Adoption
Phase 3: Sales Residency Program
Phase 2: Professional & Skill Development
Phase 4: Graduation and Placement

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