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IBM was first established in Malaysia in June 1961 and, since then, has played a major role in delivering solutions to all types of Malaysian businesses. The company's key strengths are its skilled and experienced IT personnel and its worldwide infrastructure of international offices and laboratories.

IBM Malaysia is a wholly-owned onshore subsidiary of IBM World Trade Corporation. The IBM Corporation is today one of the world largest and leading IT company. Worldwide, IBM operates in some 170 countries and has a global employee headcount of 400,000.

IBM Malaysia has contributed and will continue to contribute toward assisting Malaysia achieve her vision and goals. The company will continue to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to the marketplace, thus enabling local companies to compete effectively both locally and globally.

Over the past several years, we have transformed our company - from our portfolio to our management systems, from our products and services to our culture and policies - with one goal in mind: to make IBM the "innovators' innovator."

For us, this has a very specific meaning: it's not about being the world's most "innovative" company. Rather, it is about becoming the ideal partner to make our clients, our partners and our communities into world class innovators.

IBMers collaborate every day with their 400,000 colleagues with growing networks of clients, advocates, experts and peers and with our neighbors, local organizations and millions of people they have never met and never will meet. This is simply how business is done in a globally integrating economy.

In an increasingly "flat" world, Malaysian companies will need an IT partner which offers tools which work in new ways, and professionals who understand the business and the technology it runs on -- in other words, a trusted partner that is a leader in the IT field.

IBM is that partner with more than 90 years leadership in helping businesses globally to innovate.