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Today we live on a planet where information is king. In the next five years, data growth is set to increase by 800 percent and even now, 90 percent of all of the data that exists in the world was created in the last two years. As our planet delves further into the digital era, information will continue to grow as rapidly as before. That’s where IBM Watson comes in.

IBM Research Project (2006 - ) R&D Jeopardy! Grand Challenge (Feb 2011) Demonstration Watson forHealthcare (Aug 2011 - ) Watson for Financial Services (Mar 2012 - ) Expansion Watson Industry Solutions (2012 - ) Cross-industry Applications

Combining natural language processing, machine learning, and hypothesis generation and evaluation, IBM’s artificially intelligent super-computer is breaking down the barrier between people and machines. Processing the nuances of natural language by sifting through colossal amounts of data at break-neck speeds, Watson – like humans – can learn and understand the way people, organisations and systems operate now and in the future.

The potential of Watson is far-reaching. From healthcare to finance, environment to government – IBM’s super computer has the potential to transform the way we live and think.

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