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Experienced Professionals

When applying for a position at IBM there will be a number of steps you will have to undertake throughout the recruitment procedure. Below is a guide designed to help you better understand the application process.

Step 1

In order to be considered for a position at IBM you will need to submit an application via this website: Here you will find a directory of all our available jobs. Once you have found a matching role you will be required to fill out an application form in which you will need to submit a cover letter and your CV.

Step 2

Once your CV is received for a role at IBM a response will be generated via our automated tool to acknowledge receipt of your CV. The recruitment team will assess your suitability for the position in terms of competencies, skills, experience and other job related criteria.

Step 3

Depending on your experience, background and business discipline you may be asked to complete an online aptitude test – the IBM NPAT exam. This test has been designed to assess logical reasoning, problem solving and the ability to process information quickly. All instructions are included in an email that will be sent out you prior to sitting the assessment.

Step 4

If successful in the NPAT exam, recruiters will contact you in which they may discuss your background, career opportunities and past employment – this may take place in the form of a phone interview or an unofficial face-to-face interview.

Step 5

After your interview with a recruiter you will usually be asked to attend an interview with an IBM Manager and/or their team members – generally this comprises the final stage of the application process.