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Are you full of ideas? Can you see the big picture? Do you think the world can work smarter? Are you an IBMer?

At IBM you'll flourish like no where else. Not only will you be surrounded by the best and the brightest, you'll also take part in a program that will accelerate your professional development, cultivate your leadership skills and provide you with all the capabilities you need to tackle the ever-changing global business environment.

Startwise, our official graduate program incorporates mentoring sessions, orientation days, business training, social events and much more. Not only do we look after your professional development, we also take care of your social interests by ensuring that during your first year as an IBMer you'll remain connected with all of your fellow graduates.


The orientation of IBM's Startwise Program is comprised of a two-day induction that is designed to introduce new grads to the graduate program. The orientation is also an opportunity for networking and interaction with fellow peers.

Graduate Connect Sessions

Graduate Connect Sessions are monthly informative sessions that are designed to assist graduates with their integration into the IBM Company. Common features of the session include subject matter experts presenting on topical areas alongside overviews of business units and different company strategies.

Graduate Facilitated Mentoring Program

The Graduated Facilitated Mentoring program is a three month program that teaches graduates the fundamental elements of a successful mentoring relationship.

Graduate Network

The graduate network is a network run completely by graduates. As soon as you start as an IBM graduate, you automatically become part of the grad network. More than anything else, the network provides support for new graduates as well as creating a fun, collaborative environment in which to work.

Graduate Inferno Recognition Event

This is the primary recognition event for new graduates in their first 12 months at IBM. The event provides our top performing graduates with a unique IBM experience that is designed to contribute to the overall progression of their future careers.

Business Acumen Simulation and Graduation

The business acumen simulation offers graduates the opportunity to simulate C-level decision making in hypothetical situations. It offers graduates a new perspective on the happenings that occur during day-to-day business. After the simulation graduates participate in a graduation ceremony which marks the final stage of the Startwise program.