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IBM Recruitment - About IBM - Welcome

So what is IBM really all about?

IBM is about technology, innovation and creating value for our clients.
The staging of a live press conference in a virtual world; enabling gamers to enjoy an enhanced experience; and empowering researchers to collaborate on big issues, such as climate change, cancer and AIDS, in the worlds of business, finance, health, retail, sport, media and entertainment. It's likely that an IBM system or solution is helping provide the service. Infact, wherever innovation and technology touch - you are likely to find IBM.

We offer clients an end-to-end portfolio of consulting, technology and services combined with the deep business insight to recommend solutions at one end, the delivery and implementation at the other; and all the technology and services along the way. Over the past five years IBM has acquired more than 60 companies to complement and scale our portfolio of products and offerings.

So it follows that we can offer you more opportunities for growth, attractive benefits and a unique mix of people, business knowledge and technological expertise that helps real companies solve real problems.