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Business areas

Business areas

We offer enormous scope for talented individuals, with career opportunities in some of the most advanced areas of information technology.

Business Consulting Services (BCS)
The newly formed IBM BCS brings together the skills and insight of some of the best minds in business around the globe. More than 60,000 consultants and professional staff in more than 150 countries globally means we are the largest consulting services organisation delivering innovative business and technology solutions that address specific industry issues.

Our key solutions profile covers:

IBM Global Services
IBM Global Services is a leader in delivering information technology services to the finance, industry and government sectors in the Asia Pacific region. It draws on the the skills of its professional staff to meet the evolving challenges that face its customers.

Key Services:

If you would like more detail please visit the IBM Global Services website.

Strategic Outsourcing

Through the management of our clients' IT environment, we improve, enhance and transform their business, creating significant cost and performance efficiencies. From data centre to desktop, network to help desk, our 3,800-strong team delivers solutions for today that prepare businesses for tomorrow.

Our services are integral to IBM's overall on demand strategy, which is all about helping our clients become more responsive, resilient, variable and focused. That's because clients don't want to just outsource their IT function - they want to know how we will improve and/or enhance and/or transform their business through the management of their IT environment. These benefits are the client value statements that we must embrace and deliver.

The services we offer to clients include:

e-business Innovation Centre
The IBM Innovation Centre is located in Australia and takes e-business to the next level. The leading e-business integrator houses the knowledge and expertise of some of the worlds best web integrators and system integrators working shoulder to shoulder to create next generation business solutions. The centre positions IBM to deploy skills on leading-edge projects for customers, which includes:

The centre facilitates e-business work for employees, partners and customers in other locations in Australia and indeed across the region. The Centres for IBM e-business Innovation bring together a diverse pool of some of the best and brightest minds in the industry to fulfil the need to create from business consulting to creative design to infrastructure and systems integration to ongoing management

Visit the IBM e-Business Innovation Centre website (U.S).

Professional Areas:

Global Financing
IBM Global Financing, is a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM, and operates in over 40 countries world wide. The offering provides total financing solutions for customers in all industries and for all information technology equipment including hardware, software and services.

Professional Areas:

Integrated Technology Services
In all the buzz about e-business, one fact is often overlooked. Putting it all together,and keeping it running is tough work. Somehow you have to integrate things like high-speed networks, network-based storage systems, application servers, edge servers, wireless protocols and an array of platform, integration and communication software.

The Integrated Technology Services team works with organisations to identify their unique, systems-related requirements. They'll support the entire life cycle of the organisation's system to keep it up and running so that staff can spend their time focusing on strategic issues.

Key Services:

Resilient Business Infrastructure Solutions

Building an infrastructure that can respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat. Resilient Business and Infrastructure Solutions can help you obtain the desired level of resiliency in business processes and functions as well as help ensure that you have a stable and security-rich infrastructure.

Networking Solutions

In today's rapidly changing IT environment, the network is absolutely vital to e-business. More and more companies are demanding higher levels of network availability, reliability, and service levels. IBM offers a comprehensive set of networking and connectivity solutions to help customers deploy integrate and manage their complex, multi-vendor IT infrastructure.

IT Optimisation

IT Optimisation is a services based methodology for making an organisation's IT Infrastructure as fully functional or effective as possible to derive maximum value from the IT Investment. IT Infrastructure does not just encompass the hardware. IT Optimisation Services analyse an organisation's entire information technology (IT) environment, including data centres, networks, distributed systems, application diversity, organisation (people, skills, culture), help desk and IT management processes in the context of a full methodology-based engagement.


IBM's e-Transformation Solution is an end-to-end program at work that consists of linked projects to build a capable, flexible and future-ready e-business infrastructure. It provides a rapid approach to enhancing IT Infrastructure value and leveraging corporate data.

Service Scalability

IBM's Service Scalability solution provides the hardware, software and services required to maintain organisations desired level of availability. From assessing the customer's availability requirements to designing and implementing availability services such as 24x7, this end-to-end solution is a necessity for all e-business Infrastructures.

IBM Sales and Distribution
At IBM, we strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

Our worldwide network of IBM solutions and services professionals translates these advanced technologies into business value for our customers.

Enterprise System Group
Think of an Olympic Games website that scores a record 11.3 billion hits. Or imagine the amount of data and transactions that organisations around the world generate in a single day. And then think about the servers it takes to keep these systems up and running.

That's what the Enterprise System Group is all about. It makes, sells and develops the servers and computers that touch our daily lives in schools, airlines, banks, governments, companies and institutions. In fact, about 70 percent of the world's corporate data sits on an IBM server, making IBM the world's Number 1 server company.

Key products and services:

Professional Areas:

Finance & Accounting
The Accounting team has a wide area of responsibility. It undertakes all the accounting support, management reporting and financial analysis.

Key Services:

Professional Areas:

Human Resources
IBM has long recognised that the company's growth, innovation and success are based on respect for the individual and potential of each employee. That's why IBM has put in place a range of policies and programs that help people thrive and be the best they can be. Human Resources is the well-oiled machine that helps managers and employees make it all happen.

Key Services:

Professional Areas:

Specialists in areas such as

Marketing & Communications
Working at IBM is all about communication. Whether it's how we communicate with each other inside the company or how we communicate with the broader community including customers and retailers, media journalists, politicians, government, industry and educational organisations, competitors and neighbours. Our Marketing and Communications team works in three groups known as Internal Communication (employee communication), Corporate Communication (Public Relations) and Integrated Marketing Communications (for external customers).

Key Services:

Professional Areas:

Corporate Affairs
IBM strongly believes that companies, like individuals, have a responsibility to put something back into the communities in which they live and work. Our Corporate Affairs business unit works to achieve this goal in a number of ways.

IBM worldwide puts an emphasis on supporting educational projects because we believe a company can only be successful when it operates in a successful community and communities can only be successful when they have a well-educated population.

Corporate Affairs is also responsible for fostering relationships with external constituents such as government and community leaders.

Key programs:

Software Group
In Australia and New Zealand, the Software Group has the dominant market share in groupware products, enterprise messaging, transaction processing and enterprise systems management.

It takes powerful software to create and sustain an e-business. It's not the kind you can buy in a shop. But it's what IBM Software delivers its customers every day - and what's made it the leader in its field.

Associated with IBM are two key areas:

Key Services:

Professional Areas:

Industry Sectors
A fast and flexible response to changing customer needs, takes more than excellent technical and business resources. It demands an in-depth understanding of a client's organisation - and knowledge of the client's industry. This is where the Industry Sectors business unit comes into its own.

It explores and addresses needs within a range of industries including banking and finance, telecommunications, education, transport, government, healthcare and manufacturing.

Key Services:

Professional Areas: