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Our values

Our values

Corporate values During four days of July 2003, IBM employees around the world engaged in an online intranet discussion called 'ValuesJam' to shape and define the values that should guide the company and its people in the years ahead. Thousands of postings and emails were thoroughly analysed and distilled into three values shared by all at IBM.

A dedication to client or customer success is not a new concept in IBM. Our tradition of superior customer service is legendary. It was one of the three 'Basic Beliefs' held by IBMers in the last century (the others being 'respect for the individual' and 'the pursuit of excellence').

As IBM Chairman Thomas J. Watson, Jr., said in 1962: "We want to give the best customer service of any company in the world. The relationship between the IBMer and the customer, their mutual trust, the importance of reputation, the idea of putting the customer first - always - all these things, if carried out with real conviction by a company, can make a great deal of difference in its destiny."

Innovation guides our mission to assist our customers in setting up, managing and growing their businesses through optimum use of technology. We deliver this by working as teams - both locally and globally, to deliver faster, better and more financially viable solutions.

Personal values
What does all this mean for you, as a potential IBMer? Well, we value peak performance and have identified core competencies that are the foundation for your professional growth and excellence.

These Foundational Competencies are:

Community-based values
Supporting the community is also a priority for us. Education, youth schemes, job training, the arts, conserving the environment, and projects to empower people with disabilities through the use of technology are all beneficiaries of our sponsorship programs.