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  • DaeWook Kim

    DaeWook Kim
    pSeries Sector Sales Specialist
    IBM Systems and Technology Group
    Seoul, Korea

What makes you the most enthusiastic about working for IBM?
In IBM, I think the enthusiasm comes from pride which has been established for about one century. Every time I face some one, I don't hesitate to tell 'I am working for IBM'. Actually I regally want to say it. It is because of the pride which consists of technology leadership, name value and most of all IBMers. The pride keeps me enthusiastic not only when I met clients but also in normal life.

What have you learned at IBM that you could not have learned at another company?
I have learned leadership and ownership at IBM. I had worked for four years in other company. In that period, I had worked hard but I couldn't feel that the work was for me. The reasons were that the position in which I was seemed not so important and the output was not properly measured. In IBM, it was changed. I have many delegations to make important decisions and the system and managers measure the output with objective standards. In this system I could have ownership, and more I had to lead my extended team for the businesses.

How would you describe the people you work with?
I cannot describe the people with a word, but if I have to I will say 'diversity'. In other company, they usually have similar characteristic or attitude to the work. However the people in IBM have not. In our new-employee-sessions, we did not learn about the method which we have to follow but about methodology which we could refer to. Looking my own team members, they have various characteristics and their own way to sales. The diversity can drive system in chaos but it could be one of the most powerful factors in the well-fabric system like IBM.

What advice would you give to a new IBMer?
In my case, there were many challenges in the last year. I had not any sales experience and did not know what I had to do, but it seemed that there were too many responsibilities. Maybe it will be same to you. But don't worry. If you have enthusiasm to yourself and your work and have open mind which makes yourself fitting in new system easily, welcome to here, great company, IBM.