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  • Jasmine Yan

    Jasmine Yan
    Development Manager
    IBM China Software Development Lab., Pervasive Computing
    Taipei, Taiwan

What makes you the most enthusiastic about working for IBM?
Learning from great people and being challenged.

In what way does your job live up to the IBM vision and values?
As the leader of a development team, I understand IBM's product strategy and deliver high quality solutions to our customers.

What have you learned at IBM that you could not have learned at another company?
A broad vision of leading technologies and principles of solid software engineering processes, which can be applied to various areas.

How would you describe the people you work with?
Bright, with great passion and devotion to their work.

How do you see yourself growing professionally within IBM?
I will polish my expertise and keep developing my professional profile by taking ownership and learning from Big Blue's rich resources.

How is your work-life balance supported?
I work smart in the office and am completely dedicated to my family after work. It's important to seek advice/help from colleagues and managers. IBM also provides friendly support for work-life balance.

What advice would you give to a new IBMer?
Have an open mind, learn from the big organisation, establish a strong people network and explore your personal strengths.