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Learning and training at IBM

Learning and training at IBM

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IBM is a great place to perfect your existing skills and learn new ones. Take a look at some of our training programmes for specific professions:

If you choose a career in Sales at IBM, you'll learn how to strengthen your sales competencies and skills at the Sales Profession Learning Centre.

The first step is to enrol in the IBM Global Sales School. You'll receive insightful career guidance, with information on the type of work experience and achievements you will need to succeed at IBM.

Sales profession learning centre
Our approach to professional development is to combine learning activities for sales competencies and on-the-job skills into a single tool. As a result, the Sales Profession Learning Centre will enable you to identify areas that need strengthening, and enhance your existing competencies and skills.

The new IBM sales professional certification
This is the pinnacle of sales excellence within IBM!

The top performers among the company's sales professionals will receive the IBM Sales Professional Certification. It will help you grow both personally and professionally, based on your history of successful sales, current level of responsibilities, and potential to drive future growth for IBM.

If you are certified, you will enjoy:

Plus you will not need to recertify within a Sales Discipline once you have successfully completed the initial certification.