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Innovation that matters

Innovation that matters

What does the word innovation mean to you? We see it as the application of fresh ideas and new ways of thinking to deliver business value. A lot of people confuse innovation with invention but they are two different things. Invention is the fact that we have recorded the most US patent applications each year over the past decade. Innovation is the application of these inventions to real-world problems. Innovation remains at the heart of what IBM provides to thousands of clients worldwide, large and small, and we pride ourselves on it. You too could be part of innovation that matters!

At IBM we're developing new ways for people to think, interact and manage their businesses. First and foremost we are about people and with over 300,000 people working for IBM worldwide you will become part of a globally diverse team. Our culture of diversity and and inclusion is driven by commitment at all levels of the company. That makes IBM a place where everyone feels confident and able to contribute their full potential.

Personal career responsibility
We're as eager for your advancement as you are, and we will help you plan where to go next. Call it personal responsibility for career decisions with practical help at every stage! The great thing about IBM is the diversity of opportunities.

As your career path will be as unique as you are, you will construct an individual development plan with your manager. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, needs and development goals. The more know-how you acquire, the greater your ability to achieve. That's why we've moved away from traditional organisational structures and created worldwide 'professions' based on specific skill sets. Each path lets you move from entry to executive level while staying in your preferred area of interest.