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Your training and development

One of the best reasons to launch your career at IBM is our extensive range of training and development programmes. You'll find opportunities to learn all around you!

Leadership development
Leadership is one of the most prized skills in business and we are keen to develop your skills. At IBM, you'll develop them through a combination of career experiences, personal and professional guidance, and developmental programs.

Commercial exposure
You've invested a lot of time and effort acquiring specialist knowledge. One of the most valuable things we can offer you is the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a hands-on, commercial environment.

You'll work on real projects, with real clients, and real bottom-line deliverables! But not to worry, both your Manager and Mentor will be there to lend their full support, enabling you to gain as much as possible from your exposure.

Personal development
From communication and negotiation tactics, to project management and planning skills, your personal abilities will be critical to your success as a future leader.

In addition to learning from your Mentors, IBM will also offer you the opportunity to enrol in specific developmental courses with our Internal Education department. To make it easier, many of the courses are available through our online university, Global Campus, so you can take them according to your personal schedule.

Training & certification
In order to achieve your career goals, you need to have the right technical and professional skills, as well as appropriate accreditation and certification for your particular area.

IBM will help you by providing opportunities to gain the most relevant and globally accredited certification necessary.