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Safeguard your organisation across the threat spectrum

Is your organisation producing more data than ever before? Are your employees demanding mobility and BYOD capabilities? It's hard to remain secure against the barrage of new and evolving IT threats when you also need to meet business demands and accelerate returns on investment.

Attending this IBM Security Symposium will help you develop a comprehensive overview of your organisation's security posture, allowing you to identify and safeguard against threats to your business.

Take an integrated approach to business risk and security

The symposium brings together experts from the suite of IT security technology and services, including:

Manage risk

Risk management isn't just about avoiding negative media coverage. It's also about increasing productivity and making your organisation an employer of choice that offers staff mobility and other flexible policies. Speakers will discuss how companies are ensuring business growth by developing cost-effective, cross-organisation security strategies that include mobile workforces.

Reduce costs

If your organisation has suffered from extended downtime of business-critical systems, a security breach or data loss, you know how damaging it can be to the company's reputation and bottom line. Symposium presenters will discuss best practices to reduce business disruptions and their associated financial and reputational cost, while the audience Q&A session and networking lunch will give you time to discuss your IT security challenges with guest speakers and other experts.

Ensure compliance

Every organisation faces different industry standards and regulatory compliance requirements, such as the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS), Sarbanes-Oxley and self-regulatory arrangements. Speakers will discuss efficient methods for ensuring compliance strategies integrate with existing IT infrastructure and investments.

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