Welcome to IBM India Labs Engage 2016!

In the age of digital disruption, simply being innovative is not enough. Digital businesses must embrace cloud platforms to scale businesses and leverage cognitive solutions to infuse intelligence into business applications.

IBM India Labs Engage 2016 is the premier regional conference for start-ups, businesses and enterprises, who want to design, build and deliver business applications for the Cloud and Cognitive era. Experience the latest breakthrough innovation from the start-up ecosystem and IBM, and gain technology insights from industry thought leaders. Participate in an immersive Design Thinking and Garage experience to unearth user needs and rapidly create market- focused solutions. Embrace a unique opportunity to interact and collaborate with a fascinating set of technology gurus, business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. At IBM India Labs Engage 2016, discover ideas to breach technology frontiers, build disruptive solutions and deliver accelerated value.

Experience the innovation ecosystem. Experience Cloud and Cognitive. Experience Engage.