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Leadership Meet - 6th November

08:00 - 09:00 Registration
  • -09:00 - 09:45Opening Address:
    IBM Predicts - 5 Innovations that will Change the Way We Live
    Speakers: Anil Menon, Software Group, IBM India/SA
    Shanker Annaswamy, CGM, IBM India/SA
    • Making this kind of prediction is difficult...and risky! Very rarely do organisations envision a "big change" in technology and align themselves accordingly. Every year IBM predicts the future of technology via the IBM 5 in 5 initiative – our forecast of five innovations that will help transform aspects of modern life, making the planet smarter, within the next five years. We assess not just the availability of a new technology but also the likelihood of its large-scale adoption. In this session you will hear about IBM's 5 technology predictions for the next 5 years and what it means for India!

  • -09:45 - 10:30General Keynote:
    Imagining the Possibilities in a World of the Enlightened Customer
    Speaker: John Dunderdale
    • As we move into the Facebook, iPhone, tweet-driven world, flexibility, speed and expertise are what will separate leaders from laggards! How quickly can you respond to a trend that punched its way overnight into the mainstream? How ready are you to launch a service in the cloud that will be tweaked within a week, by you or your customers? How fast can you unleash employee productivity by hooking up their mobile gadgets to your business network? As client expectations increase, business leaders need to continuously juggle resources - trying to make everyone happy and deliver the desired outcomes. This year, in the 8th edition of Software Universe, you will hear IBM's perspective on the new era of enterprise technology - the era of Front Office Digitisation. You will also get deep and actionable insights into how you can leverage this next generation of digitisation to improve your social & mobile presence, create best-in-class digital marketing capabilities, engage customers more effectively, enable collaboration and innovation, and much more.

10:30 - 10:45 Tea Break
  • -10:45 – 11:30Celebrity Keynote: Meet Possible
    Speaker: Rahul Dravid
    • Rahul Dravid needs no introduction. His entire career has unfolded in front of our eyes, adorned with records, recognition and respect. But what did it take to be a champion with such tremendous caliber and character, all at once? What place did creativity hold for him, in the immensely competitive world of cricket? What challenges and complexities did he personally face, and how did he remain motivated to push the boundaries of accomplishment?
      Let’s all find out at Software Universe 2012. Be there, as one of the brightest jewels in the cricketing crown shares his experiences and insights on meeting possible.

      Discover first hand, what Rahul believes is the secret behind building a winning team; how a captain can create an environment that taps into and nurtures individual player capabilities, while ensuring that they come together to form one closely knit, cohesive force; and how - for a passionate, committed athlete - possible is not just a word, but a way of life.

  • -11:30 - 12:15Reaching New Buyers, Creating New Markets
    Speaker: Sandy Carter, VP - Social Business, IBM Corp
    • Today’s customers expect more. They expect you to know them as individuals, to anticipate their needs and to surprise them with interesting new products and services. Yet, traditional approaches to innovation and customer intimacy are hopelessly archaic in today’s world. In this session, discover the core component of your front office digitisation efforts - how social business and an end-to-end approach to commerce can change the way you interact with your customers, building their loyalty and your brand. IBM subject matter experts will share insights on innovative means and techniques to leverage Social Business and Smarter Commerce, to create exceptional experiences for your clients and enable the employees who engage them. You will also hear from a leading global organisation, how it is building loyalty toward its brand in ways never seen before.

  • -12:15 - 13:00Speeding Innovation & Extending Reach with Mobile Enterprises
    Speaker: Leigh Williamson, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Software,
    Rational CTO Team; IBM Academy of Technology Member, IBM Master
    • In a world where everyone is connected to everything, your organisation’s infrastructure has no boundaries. Successful companies are computing in motion… connecting front office operations to back office functions, in real-time! The challenge is in managing and securing an infrastructure that can connect the endless array of intelligent devices and sensors that are outside your control. This session will uncover how to create a Mobile Enterprise that will change and create new value for customer, supplier and employee interaction. IBM experts will help you get a deeper understanding of how to develop the solutions you need to build and connect mobile apps, and manage and secure your mobile business. You will also hear your peers, from around the globe, share their experience of leveraging analytics to mine ever-increasing data and transactions, to derive value and insight.

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • -14:00 - 14:45Unlocking Opportunities with Big Data Analytics
    Speaker: Deepak Advani, VP - Business Analytics, IBM Corp.
    • Today, analytics is clearly the language of the boardroom. Recent research confirms that analytically sophisticated organisations have 1.6 times more revenue growth and 2 times more profit growth than analytics laggards. With the ever-increasing supply of data and unstructured content, coming from an ever-expanding number of sources, data is becoming the ‘next great natural resource’ for businesses to leverage. How that data is effectively analysed and managed is determining business winners and losers in every industry. In the years to come, analytics will be the thread that weaves together front and back-office systems, to give companies that harness huge volumes of unstructured data a competitive business advantage. IBM has worked with hundreds of clients to identify the highest impact scenarios for analytics and Big Data, and deployed solutions faster and more cost effectively using optimised systems. This session will provide you useful insights from our Big Data assessments and new research study; shed light on how leading organisations got started with Big Data analytics, and their game-changing results; help you understand how outperforming organisations enables you to win more customers, transform financial processes, gain greater operational efficiency and manage risk, fraud and regulatory compliance.

  • -14:45 - 15:30Transforming Critical Business Processes for Better Results
    Speaker: Peter M Murchison, VP - WW WebSphere Business Agility Tiger
    • In today’s world of impatient customers and insatiable shareholders, organisations can not afford to make operational mistakes. While you sharpen your front line client interactions and derive real-time insights from data, you also need to focus on the appropriate process automation requirements and establish business driven rules to support your real-time needs. Yet, most organisations are dealing with silo processes built around divisions and transactions, rather than constituencies and their interactions. This makes flawless operations and rapid delivery of new products and services nearly impossible. In this session, you will discover all the benefits of empowering front line employees to manage automated processes and decisions in a governed, collaborative way. And how smarter processes and improved asset management are helping organisations improve the effectiveness of operations - increasing their ability to address evolving customer, citizen, employee, and partner needs. You will also acquire a first-hand view of how clients, across industries, are managing business processes and physical assets to achieve transformative outcomes.

  • -15:30 - 16:15Defending Against Cyber Threats with
    Security Intelligence and Behavioral Analytics
    Speaker: Rashmy Chatterjee, VP - Security Systems, IBM Corp.
    • In today’s hyper-connected world, information security is expanding beyond its technical silo into a strategic, board-level priority. And there’s ample reason why. The business ramifications of advanced cyber-attacks and insider threats are multiplying every day. In this session, learn how the Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) role is evolving into a business leadership position; discover how your organisation can balance the need for increased business innovation, agility and information sharing with the need to safeguard your most valuable assets – intellectual property, customer data and brand loyalty; unearth the different ways in which you can mitigate new attacks from cyber-criminals, hacktivists, espionage and disgruntled insiders, and improve end-to-end security intelligence across users, infrastructure and applications; and listen to your peers share insights on how to successfully apply behavioral analytics to identify security anomalies and improve security intelligence.

16:15 - 17:00 High Tea
11:00 - 18:00 Executive 1:1 Meetings / Lounge

* This agenda is subject to change


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