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IBM Collaborative Project Management Seminar

Lotus software Collaborative Project Management Made Easy & Affordable

Project management is vital to the success of any project. Having a powerful and proven project management system not only helps project teams improve project execution and reduce operational project costs and project risks, but also helps increase the project successful rate.

This seminar introduced an intuitive and affordable Web 2.0 Collaborative Project Management solution for project teams of all types and sizes - ProjExec and provides real-world stories on how ProjExec is helping customers today with Project Management to save money, enhance efficiency and prepare for future growth.

ProjExec is designed for project managers, stakeholders and team members to enhance control and visibility of distributed projects by centralizing all project communication and information in a single portal environment.

ProjExec is proven to reduce operational project costs and simplify project execution - especially for complex projects involving multiple project partners. No other collaborative project management solution offers such extensive and extensible role-based security and functionality to boost individual and team productivity.

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