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Security Optimization in New Economic Times

Reduce cost and management complexity with IBM Managed Security Services (MSS)

IT Security Services

Reducing risk and simplifying operations with Managed Security Services

Good security is a business enabler. IBM's IT Security Services (Managed Security Services) create competitive advantage with a dynamic infrastructure that delivers consistent IT security built on X-Force Security Intelligence. With Managed Security Services your risks are cut, complexity reduced and employee productivity optimized.

CIOs are increasingly looking for IT Security Services providers that can provide a range of higher-value services more than basic security infrastructure management. This is why thousands of companies have chosen IBM ISS award-winning Managed Security Services for the benefits of gaining better protection and demonstrating compliance, while reducing management complexity and lowering their overall total cost of ownership.

IBM Managed Security Services can help your organization to gain a competitive advantage while addressing your pressing concerns through:

Simplifying the Security Risk Lifecycle with IBM Managed Security Services

Simply learn how IBM Managed Security Services provide the right answers to your security challenges today by calling us now at (852) 2825-7878.

Security in a dynamic infrastructure

Security is one critical component of a dynamic infrastructure. A flexible, dynamic infrastructure can enable real business innovation by integrating security with other key IT components so they function together to help you reduce cost, improve service, and manage risk.

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