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ITIL V2 vs V3

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Meet the Expert Series: Ivor Macfarlane

Since its successful launch in 1989, ITIL has gone through 3 versions. So what changed and does choosing which version matter to your business?

Watch Ivor Macfarlane, a well-known force behind the genesis and development of ITIL and IT Service Management (ITSM), detail the development steps that ITIL took over the past decades and three different versions. In this second Webinar under the Meet The Expert series, Mr. Macfarlane will also explain why that latest version will unlock further efficiency and productivity and makes perfect business sense-especially for today's economic challenges.

ITIL Version 2
                            process - focused approach - what ITIL actually did was allow orgamizations to go and

Episode 2: IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Version 2 versus Version 3

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