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IBM Inter - University Programming Contest 2012

IBM Inter - University Programming Contest 2012 February 11, 2012(Saturday) Cliftons, Hong Kong IBM®

General Rules

  1. The contest is only open to full-time undergraduate students attending at an accredited educational institution in Hong Kong or Macau.
  2. Each application should consist of a team of 3 students and each university can only send up to 5 teams to participate in the contest.
  3. The registration period is from November 1 to December 23, 2011. Students may be required to submit proof of their attendance at the relevant university, such proof may be in the form of student ID and/or the university's confirmation.
  4. Upon receipt of the application it will be redirected to a dedicated educator at the relevant university. The list of all applications from a particular university will be consolidated by the dedicated educator at the relevant university.
  5. All late applications will not be entertained.
  6. IBM reserves the right to decline any enrollment that does not fulfill the entry requirements set out above.

Contest Rules

  1. The duration of the contest is 2 hours.
  2. One PC and one terminal will be provided for each team.
  3. A set of questions will be given to each team to complete within 2 hours.
  4. This contest is an open book contest. Contestants could bring in their reference books for the contest
  5. All the questions and related information are provided to the students at the beginning of the contest. Question sheet is provided in hardcopy form.
  6. Once a team completes a question, the result is submitted to the judge. A time is recorded as the submission time. Then the judge will evaluate the submitted answer. In case the validation fails, the team will be notified and the failed cases will be sent back to the team.
  7. Each team can have three chances to submit the answer of each question:
  8. After the contest is over, the team which gets the most points wins. If several teams get the same number of points, the one with the earliest last submission time wins.
  9. The decisions of the judges will be final.
  10. IBM reserves the right to publish the photographs and/or names of all or any prize winners in any of its promotional materials and/or advertisements as it sees fit.

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