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IBM Security Solution Day

The Hong Kong IBM SoftLayer Data Center now lives 2 June 2014 !

X-Force/ Cyber Security

Safeguarding Email communications from cyber attack

Safeguarding web integrity from cyber attack

Leveraging expert to defend against cyber attack

Protect corporate/business data from intrusion

Other Services

Put your Data Centre project in the hands of an experienced and trusted partner

IBM Site and Facilities Services leverage global experience in the hundreds of data centre design reference architectures, and construction and relocation of various sizes of data centre, to ensure your data centre meets required the energy efficiency, reliability, and manageability to support your business.

Well suited for a building a new or relocating an existing data centre, and/or effort to upgrade data centre's performance and efficiency objectives.

Setting up a Data Centre can be as easy as 1-2-3

IBM Hosting Service provides (1) a new Tier 3+ data centre facility, (2) supported by IBM's service quality through its renowned people, process, technology commitment; and (3) scalable hosting and managed services options at a very competitive and attractive financial return.

Well suited for new data center and expanded data centre operation looking for quick time-to-market and reduced fixed cost.

Leveraging Cloud : A new way of delivering your IT workload with IBM's advanced, enterprise-ready Public Cloud IaaS

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE, SCE+) provides pay-as-you-go and fast access to Cloud infrastructure, backed by IBM's contractual service level and security best practices.

Well suited for batch processing, big data, web hosting, born-on-the-enterprise workloads (e.g. SAP), rapid time-to-market projects (e.g. new office, new application)

Leveraging Cloud : IBM's Public Cloud Storage provides a secured, pay-as-you-go, and flexible data sharing and backup solution

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Object Storage helps you manage your unstructured data such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio files and test messages, providing highly accessible and secure Internet file system with nearly unlimited capacity. Data updates immediately available across all locations, and built-in self-healing data integrity feature.

Well suited for backup for other storage, archives (e.g. document retention storage), global data distribution, Geo-replication for disaster protection.

Keeping your machine under warranty for best performance

Do you know that access to Machine Code for IBM's Power Systems, System x, and System Storage requires the applicable machine to be under warranty or an IBM hardware maintenance service agreement ?

Well suited for companies looking for easy way to manage warranty.

Good news for Office Manager and IT manager - An affordable IP Telephony solution is now available to lower communication cost.

Good news for Office Manager - IBM can simplify your entire office maintenance management

X-Force : Safeguard your Email Communication

IBM and Partner bring you Cloud Email Security protection at the Internet level, eliminating spam and malware before they reach your network. The hosted model provides centralized security with built-in redundancy, failover, and business continuity, while easing administration and optimizing network operating and capacity planning costs.
Top features :

X-Force : Safeguard your Web Access

IBM and Partner bring you Cloud Web Security with centralized Web malware protection and granular Web filtering. Cloud Web Security provides a complete solution as a stand-alone product, or can be layered with existing on-premise security to provide additional layers of Web malware protection. Cloud Web Security eliminates the complexity and uncertainty of managing Web-based threats, while simplifying policy administration for all users within the organization.

Top features :

X-Force : Defend against vulnerabilities to cyber attack

IBM hosted vulnerability management provides cloud-based internal and external infrastructure scanning through a single portal, helps you more easily manage compliance requirements and specifies steps you can take to remediate vulnerabilities.


X-Force : Defend with round-the-clock analysis of event and log

Today's environment creates new opportunities for business innovation and growth, but presents new risks, along with increased complexity, demanding compliance requirements and increased liability for inadequate security management.

IBM hosted security event and log management provides archival and analysis of security event and log data from a variety of operating systems, applications, network infrastructure, and security technologies to help optimize protection, reduce costs, and manage compliance requirements.

Key benefits:

X-Force : Defend with X-Force security intelligence

IBM Security Services X-Force®-hosted threat analysis service (XFTAS) is a security intelligence service that delivers customized information about a wide array of threats that could affect your network security. XFTAS helps you proactively protect your networks with detailed analyses of global online threat conditions.

The IBM X-Force-hosted threat analysis service is designed to combine high-quality, real-time threat information from an international network of Security Operations Centers with security intelligence from the X-Force research and development team to develop comprehensive evaluations and recommendations suited for your business.

X-Force : Protect your business data with governance

Protecting critical corporate information assets has never been more challenging. Mobile devices are pervasive throughout the enterprise, employees and business partners need access to sensitive or confidential data, and the external threats to this data keep growing. Security managers need to ensure that they can adequately protect the data from insider and external threats without adversely impacting business productivity.

Regulatory requirements for data protection are rapidly increasing, along with media exposure of companies that have had data breaches. Many companies are unaware of where sensitive personal and corporate data resides within their business, or are addressing potential threats on a tactical basis.

IBM Data Security Strategy and Assessment can help you discover where your critical data resides, how it is used, and if it is at risk of exposure. Our data security strategy and assessment helps optimize your data security investments with an integrated strategy and road map. IBM leverages its deep experience in managing its own sensitive data across the globe, as well as market-leading security and cyber threat research, to help you address your data security needs.

X-Force : Protect your business data with security health check

Security Risk Assessment focuses on assessing the current state of information security within your organization. Using a combination of interviews, document reviews (strategies, policies and guidelines), security / technical reviews (health check scan on Servers and external penetration), certain threats, vulnerabilities and risks to which your organization is exposed are identified.

The Security Risk Assessment can help establish business justification for addressing security issues and create information security awareness. Designed to help an organization understand the business risks that are introduced by information security weaknesses in processes, organization and IT, our Security Risk Assessment can also help you define security and privacy. The health check will produce an assessment report, with IBM presentation to the management, and security best practice recommendations.

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