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IBM Australia Client Charter

Our values drive your success

IBM Australia Client Charter

IBM Australia Client Charter

Our people partner with you to make your success their priority.

For clients who have a direct relationship with IBM, your Client Executive is your single point of contact. This person has industry expertise, is committed to listening to you and helping to find solutions to your needs. Your Client Executive is your first port of call to help you address any questions, concerns or changing business needs.

For clients who are serviced by our extensive business partner network, we ensure that our business partners are selected for their complementary offerings and capabilities. Our business partners participate in IBM's worldwide PartnerWorld Program, where they are trained and certified in our products and services.

We complement your organisation's resources with highly trained industry, business and technical specialists and our business partner network.

As a Registered Training Organisation providing IT educational services to organisations throughout Australia, we have the resources to train our own people in their specialist areas, so you have a skilled team working on your account.

We also cultivate deep industry expertise and have an employee base of industry experts to help our clients meet the challenges faced by the industries in which IBM's technology is applied. To this end, we not only actively recruit from specific industry segments, we give executives career paths that keep them focused on their industry. As a result, we have broad industry insight and experience in:

In addition, because we recognise that the best solution for your organisation won't always require IBM products, we work with selected, certified business partners. As well as specialist products, our partners offer a wide range of experience in niche markets, particularly with small and medium sized enterprises.

You can access us online at or speak to an IBM person, rather than a voice activated system, any time of the day or night through our communications centre – 132-426.

Your Client Executive is readily available to answer your questions. If you cannot contact your Client Executive or other IBM contact, our communications centre is constantly manned, so you will have a person on the other end of the phone if you call after hours. They may not always be able to resolve your issues on the spot, but they will be able to make sure the right person is advised as quickly as possible.

If you prefer a web relationship, you can access IBM around the clock via the Internet at, enabling you to learn, shop and obtain support.

We constantly monitor client satisfaction levels and have strong processes to help us respond quickly to address your concerns.

Our client satisfaction processes include:

Our surveys measure many factors including your satisfaction with our:

We use feedback from the surveys to help us identify client wants, needs and key areas for our improvement. We also use the surveys to sustain our client focus by linking results to the way we remunerate everyone in the company.

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