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Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction survey

IBM conducts independent client satisfaction surveys throughout the year across thousands of clients globally measuring many factors including our:

We use feedback from the surveys to help us identify client wants, needs and key areas for improvement. It helps us to make doing business with IBM easy.

We also use the surveys to sustain our client focus by linking results to the way we remunerate everyone in the company.

Client Value Assesment - Transactional survey

One of our key surveys is the Client Value Assesment - Transactional survey. This measures client satisfaction on an ongoing basis by surveying clients who have completed substantial business with us. We use these surveys to understand our client's opinions and to improve performance on both a local and global basis. The survey data also provides individual feedback to the IBM team working with each client.

Client Executive Relationship Survey

Another survey completed by IBM is the Client Executive Relationship Survey. This is a comprehensive survey completed with our largest Services clients by an independent third party. It covers everything from the health of the relationship to satisfaction with service delivery.

Its purpose is to measure clients' satisfaction with IBM Global Services relative to client expectations. The survey focuses on ten specific service attributes; partnership, responsiveness, quality of service, support, skills, industry knowledge, proactive business solutions, real business results, understanding the client's business and value.

IBM Technical Support Satisfaction Survey

Since 1996, IBM Australia and New Zealand has completed an ongoing Technical Support Satisfaction Survey. This survey covers both the remote and on-site technical support that is provided to our hardware and software clients who manage their own environments. The survey is a short follow-up call and is completed with a random sample of clients once a request has been closed. It provides a daily feedback loop that allows us to resolve specific local service issues that are causing dissatisfaction with clients.