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IBM Australia in the environment

Environment,IBM is committed to environmental affairs leadership in all of it's business activities,from its operations to the design and use of its technology.

IBM has a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring the safety and health of employees. We recognise that the environmental footprint of our business extends beyond our employees to our suppliers, customers and the wider community and we have endeavoured to document our progress implementing good environment and safety practices within the Environment and Well Being Progress Report.

The report describes the ways in which IBM and its technology are contributing towards sustainable development. As the leading multinational company in the information technology industry, IBM has a unique opportunity to provide e-business solutions that enable global economic growth along with sound environmental protection.

As a responsible corporate citizen and leader in the information technology industry, IBM strongly believes we have an important and vital role to work with the community, governments, customers, business associates and employees to protect our environment and the safety and health of the wider community .