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Corporate Responsibility

To achieve long-term success,
you have to manage for the long term…

IBM is a recognised leader in health, safety and employee well-being, and believes they are fundamental values that determine business success. Our holistic approach to employee well being enables both physical and psychological fitness, and links IBM's occupational medicine, safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, wellness, and health promotion programmes to business strategies worldwide.

Integrated Health Services

IBM’s Integrated Health Services (IHS) organisation is a vertically integrated, global team of medical, safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomic and wellness professionals who develop and deploy IBM’s holistic employee well-being process. IHS creates policies and practices that support IBM employees working in semiconductor manufacturing, electronics research, hardware maintenance, software development, business consulting, as well as those who are physically located at a customer location.

Well-Being Management

IBM’s Well-Being Management System (WBMS) has been implemented worldwide across IBM's business units, including manufacturing, research, and development, and in IBM’s services, software and sales organisations. WBMS ensures proactive planning, compliance, measurement, and continuous improvement in all areas of well-being. What differentiates WBMS from most similar systems is the added scope of employee wellness and health promotion.

WBMS helps ensure that improvements in employee well-being are continual and consistent across geographies. At the same time, it has the flexibility to accommodate local initiatives – such as ergonomic awareness training in Brazil, driver safety in the United Kingdom, and contractor safety in the United States. WBMS has been audited and certified as an Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series-Specification (OHSAS) 18001 system. Maintaining this certification requires demonstrations of ongoing continual improvement of well-being strategies and processes.