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Cities and citizen engagement

Cities and citizen engagement

On Demand Community

On Demand Community is a global program, launched in 2003, to promote the spirit of volunteerism across IBM's world-class workforce and retiree population - over 430,000 employees in more than 170 countries.

The program combines the strengths and skills of our employees and retirees, around the world, with the power of innovative technologies and solutions designed specifically for volunteer efforts in education and with not-for-profit organizations.

IBM retirees can join and access On Demand Community via

Not-for-profit and educational organizations can join On Demand Community to connect with IBMers who are eager to share their skills and expertise

Smarter Cities Challenge

This competitive grant program is awarding more than $50 million worth of IBM expertise to 116 cities around the globe, addressing topics from urban agriculture to public safety.

Volunteer Activity Kits

These free volunteer resources are designed for anyone who takes the time to review and understand the content, and who brings enthusiasm and patience to conduct a volunteer activity at a school or community organization.

IBM retirees

IBM retirees can find volunteer opportunities and qualify for Community Grants by joining On Demand Community via

Citizen IBM blog

Impact Grants

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