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Corporate Responsibility

To achieve long-term success,
you have to manage for the long term…


Across New Zealand, IBM has a proud history of supporting the communities in which we live and work. Our aim is to use our technology, services and innovation to make a positive difference in our communities, both as an organisation and as individuals.

Our dedicated Corporate Citizenship function works in partnership with not-for-profit organisations and government, coordinating the donation of funds, technology and employee time to support specific programs and help our community partners to perform more efficiently and effectively.

We believe the same information technology innovations that are revolutionising businesses should also benefit our community organisations. These technologies have the potential to help organisations deliver better services, manage costs, maximise effectiveness and implement exciting new programs.

Helping New Zealand’s not-for-profit and educational organisations take advantage of these technologies requires more than cheque book philanthropy. We work hand-in-hand with our community partners to design technology solutions that address specific problems. This kind of working relationship requires our partners to make significant commitments to us: to go beyond business as usual, to set clear benchmarks and to focus on measurable results.

Our approach is paying dividends. By fusing our technology and volunteering efforts with our partners’ expertise, we are improving the lives of our communities throughout New Zealand.

At the same time, we are benefiting as a company. Our community projects help us to drive innovation and enrich and inspire the hundreds of IBM employees involved.

Partnering with IBM

The overwhelming majority of our activities are proactively initiated by IBM, and are not a result of unsolicited proposals. We do not encourage unsolicited proposals. Please note the following guidelines.

Guidelines for Community Support programs

IBM reviews all unsolicited proposals on an individual basis and maintains a strong policy of giving. We follow specific guidelines to maintain a community support program consistent with our company's direction and values.

IBM does not provide community support from corporate philanthropic funds to:

For more information about IBM’s community programs, please contact the IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate team via email -

Thank you for IBM’s wonderful work with Age Concern, Wellington, Auckland and Manukau through the Texting with Seniors projects. Thank you also for growing this work through the IBM community grant which will help enable older people to become familiar with today’s technologies.

CEO, Age Concern

The IBM volunteers brighten our week in classes – than you so much for sharing your time and patience with us. The students learn so much from your conversations and time with them.

Teacher, Multicultural Learning and Support Services

IBMers helping seniors to learn how to text