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AI Training & Certification

"Great to know that IBM is creating a skilled pool. Wipro would certainly be interested in looking at these freshers with certifications for recruitment."
Lakshman Badiga, CIO, Wipro Technologies

"Recruiters see great value in these certifications. During placement, they clearly prioritize the IBM certified candidates over others."
Dr. Anil Chaudhury, HOD - IT, SKIT, Jaipur

"The IBM Academic Initiative Program from IBM is unique platform for the students and the faculty to explore the wealth of exciting resources, cutting edge technologies and opportunities. These software tools, workshops and Quiz contests offered by IBM Academic Initiative add value to the students and faculty. An innovative national level Software Development contest The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) brings out the hidden talent and also improves analytical skills of the students, for solving real time project problems with the use emerging technologies and enterprise class software. Knowledge of these would give them a good stead and give them an edge over others when applying for Jobs. The IBM Academic Initiative Program is the only Program which fills the exact gap between technical institutions and industry and makes student industry ready."
K. Dasaradh Ramaiah, Associate Professor - HOD (IT), Padmashri Dr.B V Raju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

"Acharya Institute of Technology's collaboration with IBM has provided our students exposure to the latest technologies. IBM is one of the world-class IT companies whose products and services are widely used all over the world. IBM software Centre of Excellence would serve our student interests and provide a good reach-out for IBM training and technologies. The IBM certifications on popular technologies would help our students to gain an edge in the job market. Further, this tie-up would also help our faculty to upgrade their technical domain knowledge."
Prof.Vishwasnathan,HOD, Dept.of MCA Achraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

"I am thankful to you for conducting db2 certification exam, because of which i have been posted to fraud detection wing in credit and debit cards at Bank of America. I also thank IBM for taking such academic initiative. The certification added weightage to my resume, and i was the only one among 13 candidate recruited to Bank of America, to have that certification, Thank you"
Santosh.K, Sr.Technical Associate, CSBBT&O, Cards, ITS Bank Of America,Raheja It Park, Hyderabad

"The organization of such workshops and training programs is highly appreciated by the students and we will take no hesitation in requesting you to organize many such workshops in the future. We are always in search in any such opportunity that'll enhance our knowledge beyond books and offer a practical approach to our subjects. This workshop presents just the opportunity we have been looking for and I ensure an active participation in this and all subsequent efforts taken up by your organization to train the students and lead them towards a brighter career."
Mahek Mody, Student Co-ordinator Nirma University

IBM is organizing TGMC contest since 2004 and now lakhs of students are participating in this contest and they are getting benefits out of it. As an IBM ambassador in my college i have contacted with many students, and i found them interested in all the activities of IBM either workshops or contest. This time about 500 students registered themselves for TGMC contest, one reason behind this is when they get to know about IBM tools, their simplicity, efficiency, correctness and when they attended the workshops, they became interested in IBM tools, and many students came back asking about more workshops and tools.

I have also attended many workshops organized in our college. I have attended
1. DB2
2. TDS
3. RFT
And during 3 or 4 days of workshops we gained a sufficient knowledge of tools. The trainer of workshops provides everything in in an efficient way and gives us required knowledge about tools and also the PDF reader with the help of which we can understand the tools and can work with tools.

The students who have participated in TGMC contest are now working on it and it is helping them in increasing their creativity skills as they are trying to make their projects with new and good ideas. I am also working on TGMC project with my group of 4 members and we are satisfied with IBM tools and attending more and more workshops so that we can easily understand the tools and I prefer to make my minor and major also via these tools, not only me but many students prefer IBM tools for their major and minor projects.

I appreciate the way IBM is organizing the contest providing workshops to students for their better understanding of tools.

IBM CoE Ambassador
Utsah Agrawal - Madhav Institute Of Technology & Science, Gwalior

"IBM, International Business Machines" -The name that had become a great inspiration for me.
IBM is a global technology and innovation company that stands for progress. The diversity and breadth of the entire IBM portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software, uniquely distinguishes IBM from other companies in the industry.

By TGMC we got the opportunity to show our creativity, software and technical skills on national level.
The workshop & training provided us i.e. DB2, Tivoli, RFT, RAD were the opportunity that enhanced our knowledge and offered a practical approach to our subject also made us familiar towards IBM tools which will definitely help us in future in software field.

It was really very prestigious for me to promote TGMC as an ambassador. The appreciation of workshop and enthusiasm of students towards TGMC was incomparable, unforgettable. We will always look forward to have such opportunity of gaining knowledge by IBM. And I will be very pleased if i could contribute any more.

IBM CoE Ambassador
Anushri Jain, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior

I would like to congratulate you on having assembled such a great team and hope you will pass on my gratitude and respect for the work that your team has done for us by establishing the IBM Software Center of Excellence and rendering the trainings on various technologies for our students. The efforts which IBM Team is putting in generating a force of professionals who are thus enabled to understand the nuances of the software industry and ready to face the challenges in the market. It′s our endeavor to present to the industry the best of the best students from Moradabad city to meet their business growth demands. With the robust Indian economy picking up, India Inc will need many more graduates across sectors which are readily deployable and we must appreciate IBM who is playing a very significant role in helping the academia to achieve it.

We thank you for continuing your collaboration with us and looking forward to have your support and guidance in enabling us to make our students deployable.

Dr Aditya Sharma
Additional Director (Corporate Relations)
IFTM University, Moradabad

The IBM Training and Certifications programme has become an integral part of the Student's development at MIET, Jammu. All fnal-year students of Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology Engineering and the Masters in Computer Applications undergo the IBM trainings and certifications programme and mandatorily participate in the TGMC programme. The reasons why the IBM trainings and certification programme is so successful are:

a. It fills a big gap between prevailing curriculum and industry requirements.
b. Certifications and the blue scholar tag add value to the student resume and helps create a differentiation.
c. The trainings and certifications are focussed and FREE!
d. Upgradation of faculty skills is also a part of the programme, so all stakeholders are involved.
e. Skills acquired during the trainings are applied in a real-world scenario during TGMC, so the loop is complete.
f. The programme is delivered and supported by the highly committed and passionate IBM AI team and partner vendors.
g. The college gets great mileage from the programme in terms of delivering value-added programmes and improving student satisfaction and engagement levels.

MIET, Jammu & Kashmir

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all the time that is a year which we have spent with IBM (As we are having First anniversary of IBM′s Centre of Excellence on Dec 03, 2011). We have thought quite a bit about the possibility of joining various activities of IBM through various workshops, Certification and the most important thing i.e.TGMC and I personally feel that due to all these things our students are benefited in Training & Placement as well as in their personal growth.

Really all these things has made students as well as faculty members more competitive and technocrat in the field of computer science, in future I hope that we would learn a lot from IBM.

Ashish Sharma
Assistant Professor-MCA
Department of Computer Engineering & Applications
GLA University, Mathura (UP) India

I think the efforts of IBM through AI is wonderful and deserves many words of appreciation. I am a very keen observer of seeing improvements in technical know how of our students, particularly on IBM tools and technologies, for which courses were conducted by your expert teams. This program has not only increases their technical knowledge but also generated a special kind of confidence.

I will be more interested in going one step ahead through Live projects transfered to our CoE, so that we can see the real success of our trained man power. So please devise some mechanism to have some live projects problems to be handeled by our students.

This time, I have also put my best possible effort in increasing the participation in TGMC-2011 from IIITM Gwalior, which is more than 200 students got registered (55 teams), I cant expect more than this from IIITM.

Dr. Anurag Srivastava
Associate Professor
ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior

IBM through AI plays a significant role in improving the quality of an Engineer through its IBM software Centre of Excellence. IBM provides all the software and resource materials, students get much exposure and scope to know about the latest trends and requirements in the IT industry. Students get much insight about the latest tools which help them to complete their regular academic project. This kind of industry recognized certifications will enable the student to perform well in their campus placement. These kinds of extracurricular activities will attract the employer to select the students.

I have also put my best possible effort in increasing the participation in TGMC-2011 from MITS Gwalior, which is more than 323 students got registered (61 teams). I want to really appreciate and be very thankful to IBM for organizing different types of workshops and provide an opportunity to our students that they make themselves better in field of technology like

1. DB2
2. TDS
3. RAD
4. RFT

Our students have learned so many thing due to TGMC and the workshop was so interesting as well.

Sanjiv Sharma
Asst. Prof., Madhav Institute Of Technology & Science,Gwalior

The Great Mind Challenge

"Hi TGMC community!!! I am happy to say that TGMC is the only biggest software competition that our KL University has officially opted for with more than 2000 student TGMC registrations (A record in our region).... Congratulations TGMC team for breaking your own record with 200000 registrations for 2011. Proud to be part of your record work. :) "
Karthik - TGMCian

"..I must confess, I did not even know after two years of my college, that I am going to be an engineer in some sense, But yes we have never looked back once we started with all this, All of our team members have since worked as a team, I have to say!
I feel very comfortable working with Struts and using the framework's functionality, One of our team member is going great guns in designing, The two others handle Database and Application Server respectively! Never at any point, I had a doubt in my mind, or I was afraid (that I am going to be unemployed), Learning IBM tools, I feel is a great asset! "
Ashish Nandwani, TGMC 2010 participant

"I like to convey my gratitude to you and IBM on behalf of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology for encouraging our students in their endevor at TGMC competition. Though the final result is yet to come but still the exitement of those boys inspired me to convey my thanks. I sincerely hope this kind of relation will strengthen further. We shall be honoured if you can help us to encourage more students in this process.We together can build these young engineers to be innovative."
Prof.Dr. Prajit Ghosh, Principal, Meghnad Saha Institute of technology, Kolkata

"My name is Bipin Kumar. Participating in IBM TGMC 2010 and IBM Certification on DB2 and RAD has helped me a lot in getting placed in SYNTEL INC. SYNTEL asked me about IBM TGMC 2010 project i.e. VIRTUAL MEDICAL HOME, IBM tools i.e. DB2 and RAD and IBM Blue Scholar Program during the technie about IBM TGMC 2010 project i.e. VIRTUAL MEDICAL HOME, IBM tools i.e. DB2 and RAD and IBM Blue Scholar Program during the technical interview. The interview lasted for 25 minutes and I was appreciated. Not only this, my IBM TGMC 2010 project has also been selected in a project contest organized by the Department of Science and Technology(DST), Rajasthan and has been funded Rs. 15,000. I also learnt new tools and technology during the development of various phases of my project. Today I feel proud to be IBM Blue Scholar and this all will be going to help in getting a nice post in SYNTEL INC. So, students participate in IBM TGMC 2011 to get the world level recognition and fulfill your dreams of getting placed in world's top IT companies."
Bipin Kumar, TGMC 2010 participant

"Thank you very much for TGMC. The event inspires the Computer/IT students to do still better in programming."
B N Kshirsagar , CLO , MIT, Aurangabad

"...TGMC has changed my life.. It was TGMC that made me literally fly. I aboard my first two planes just because of TGMC to attend felicitation. Work hard. Before I came across TGMC, I wasnt even aware of the difference between JSP and JavaScript. But today, I have been able to complete most of the web technologies. Those two TGMC projects have definitely increased value of my resume."
Praveen Salitra, presently at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

"Its a really great opportunity provided by you. I participated in 2008 and 2009 but I was selected in first round only.We have learned so many thing due to TGMC. TGMC workshop was so interesting. I didn't know anything about J2EE even more in java when i started, but there was zeal to work with TGMC."
Nikhil Nishchal, currently working as a software engineer

"TGMC has a power to make an Electronics engg student to get trained in software applications in a wise-manner. After finishing this project, I learnt how to architect and design for real time applications. Above all, TGMC has developed a confidence in my work now."
Shyam Kirubha, team member of the winning team of TGMC 2009

"...TGMC has been nothing more than an addiction in my college..."
Aswin P., team member of the winning team of TGMC 2009

In the year 2005 IBM sent out its TGMC message to engineering colleges in Karnataka and especially in Bangalore now known as Bengaluru. When the TGMC model was explained to me, I took it as an opportunity to equip my students with software engineering best practices as an amateur. As I was teaching software engineering I could sense the advantages of students getting exposed to practical aspects of sound software engineering practices and innovating new features in state-of-the art applications.

The templates provided by TGMC like project scenarios, an initial requirement specification, SRS samples and how to go about it using UML modeling. I did not leave any stone un-turned as I was also handling OOSD (Object Oriented Systems Development) & Advance Software Engineering where I used TGMC as practicals for those subjects, I discussed cased studies from these TGMC initiatives. Students found it quite interesting and year after year the participation started increasing. As a teacher I found out great values TGMC is giving to our young students who are aspiring to make a career. In a single statement: TGMC leads, provides practical technology support, understanding the business world, identifying problems and coming up with great innovations and creating a win-win situation all together. Well all these things are no new thing in the world but no one was taking the initiatives to put it together, facilitate and support it all through like TGMC. TGMC was always open to our feedback and it has also incorporated many such suggestions like accepting new project scenario after its proper review from IBM, students registration online and alerts to respective mentors with complete details of their teams registered and many more.

Prachet Bhuyan
Assistant Professor,
School of Computer Engineering,KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

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