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Creating next generation data scientists and business managers

Business Schools

Transformation is the key to keeping pace with the ever-changing market. Current trends indicate the undeniable importance of technology in managerial decision making, along with the vital role that data plays in gaining competitive advantage.

Besides the in-depth focus on core management topics in the curricula of the Business Schools, the Career Education program emphasizes the importance of analytical skills and adds a broad layer of multi-disciplinary skills to every management course.

The Career Education Program imparts essential analytics skills which help research, interpret and transform businesses based on data, no matter which management field one is pursuing – HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance or any other. Its modules in Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analysis , Big Data & Text Analytics and other relevant topics to develop skills that are applicable across a spectrum of fields.

The most unique feature of the Program is an IBM Business Analytics Lab set up in the college premises where relevant IBM Software is provided to run this Program. IBM Subject Matter Experts also train the faculty members and students to understand the application of Analytics in business.

IBM has partnered with multiple institutions in India who have set up IBM Business Analytics Lab at their premises. For a list of our Partner Colleges, visit our Communities section below.

Experience that counts....

“This collaboration will lead to enhanced research resulting in the development of new business analytic tools in various domains, improved industry linkage through collaborative research and consultancy and superior business analytic capabilities in our students developed through live projects and practical case studies.”

- Prof MJ Xavier, Director, IIM Ranchi