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Building industry relevant skills

Where will I start my career? A Guide Embark on the Path of Your Choice in IT.

Faculty Development Program

Teachers are the biggest influence on students. Only an empowered faculty can create enlightened students and that is our endeavor at Career Education Program.

The Program trains the faculty members using IBM software. Once enabled, the faculty members thereafter train the students. The aim is to give software engineers of tomorrow an edge over their peers, in the understanding and usage of industry-leading IBM enterprise class software. The Faculty Development Program currently focuses on building following software capabilities, ensuring that the teacher community is continuously skilled with new updates in technology:

IBM Career Education Program is bringing in new paradigm in IT and Management education in India through skill development in various SW capabilities and industry interaction. With a very broad and deep reach, the program has always adapted newer and better models to ensure quality of education remains high.

True to the above objective and IBM's commitment, the Career Education program has taken a new approach to provide next generation skills to faculty members in academia.

Starting 1st February, 2016, the program will stop taking new enrollments in IBM SEED offering and instead will offer new programs on CAMSS areas (Cloud, Big Data/Analytics, Mobility, Social & Security). To know more about the new offering for the Faculty Development Program please write to