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You and IBM - IBM benefits

IBM compensation and benefits are among the very best in the industry. Learn what working at IBM means in terms of your money, health, life and career.

Your Money

We understand that money matters. IBM offers a variety of programs to give employees a valuable total compensation package. Some programs will apply to every employee, every year, while others are designed to recognize individuals for very specific accomplishments.

Program What it is Who gets it
Base Pay Regular pay; your "annual salary" All employees
Variable Pay Annual "bonus" depending on company, group and individual performance criteria All non-incentive plan employees are eligible; actual pay will vary based on performance of the individual and his/her unit
Commission and Incentive Pay For sales employees, portion of total compensation varies on specific sales goals and objectives Sales employees and executives on incentive and commission programs
Stock Options Recipients are granted the "option" to buy stock at a locked in price Program is very limited and focuses on retention by awarding options to key employees in critical job categories
Awards and Recognition Various individual and group awards designed to recognize very specific and extraordinary accomplishments All employees are eligible depending on the nature of the award and any relevant restrictions

Flexible benefit plan - FBP

The Flexible benefit Plan is a significant component of your Total Compensation allowing you the flexibility of planning your compensation. This Benefit Plan lets you design your own package which best meets your individual and unique needs. Flexible Benefits Plan empowers you to make responsible choices in order to derive maximum value for your Compensation.

In this approach you will be presented with the opportunity to make decisions on the benefits and advice on how to make the necessary claims. The FBP covers benefits such as:

Your Health

IBM provides a range of health benefit options so that employees can design personalized coverage that meets their personal or family needs. You are eligible for all health benefit programs beginning with your first day of employment eg Group term medical insurance, life insurance etc. For more details visit site when you come onboard.

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