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IBM India milestones


IBM begins operations in India The business operated successfully until the mid-1970s, when India's Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) required foreign owned companies to reduce their equity ownership to (in IBM's case) 26%. For obvious reasons, IBM was unwilling to take that course of action and so in 1978, the company 'changed its mode of business operation' and began to conduct business in India as an off-shore entity only, through a Liaison Office, operated by a handful of local employees.


IBM reenters Indian market through a joint venture


Accredited ISO Tickit 9001 (recertified to ISO9001:2000 in year 2001).


TISL Becomes Tata IBM Ltd, IBM Global Services launched - offers a range of IT services from IBM including networking services, outsourcing, education, system integration, consulting, software development and hardware design.

Solution Partnership Center is set up in Bangalore to help Indian ISVs port application onto proven IBM hardware platforms like AS/400 and RS/6000.


IBM School of Enterprise Wide Computing launched at Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), to offer short-term courses to the public and credit courses on enterprise-wide computing to graduate and undergraduate students.

IBM India Research Laboratory established in New Delhi, located in the sprawling campus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).


IBM India Limited formally launched - after government approves Tata's divestment plan.

IBM India launches PC manufacturing in Pondicherry IBM Global Services India achieves CMM Level 5 Rating.


Global e-business software center set up in Gurgaon to offer IBM's customers a range of services including technical consultation, proof of concept and technical presentations, implementation planning, solution architecture, application design and development, deployment, and education and training.

IBM Global Financing launched in India to provide flexible and attractive financing and leasing programs to fund information technology (IT) requirements of Indian customers.


India Software Development Labs established in Pune and Bangalore to develop, enhance and support key IBM products & technologies with a committed investment of US $ 100 Million. The state-of-the-art facility is playing an important role in IBM's Linux Strategy, working closely with the worldwide Linux Technology Centre.


IGSI recognized as the "Top MNC Software Services Exporter" and "Top Foreign Equity Company" in Karnataka for Year 2001-02 by Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Bangalore Chapter.

IGSI has also been also recognized as 'Distinguished IT Exporter' for 2001-02 by MAIT.

Dataquest, India's leading trade magazine has also rated IGSI as the Top MNC Software Services Exporter for Year 2001-2002.

IGSI Exports Services has also been successfully assessed at People Capability Maturity Level 5 (version 2.0) by SEI, one of the few organisations in the world to gain this achievement.


IBM India Research Labs launches a "Technology Center" at its facilities to showcase business applicability of cutting edge technologies to organisations in India and ASEAN.

IBM Corporation announced the establishment of a new center in Bangalore, India to provide technology design services for advanced chips, cards and systems to companies in India and across Asia.

IBM India announced the launch of the 'India Smart Centre', a virtual toll-free service centre to provide cutting edge services and support to the small and medium businesses in metros and small towns. The center, the first one of its kind, will provide easy to use repair and restoration services for IBM desktops, and notebooks.

Vanitha Narayanan

Vanitha Narayanan

Regional General Manager - India/South Asia