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Life @ IBM-SO Delivery

The strength of IBM Service Operations Delivery is embodied in its people, as IBM's most important innovation is an IBMer! With the nearly limitless opportunities that IBM offers, life is an enriching experience for our employees who enjoy work and life both. From great career paths, ongoing learning and development initiatives, mentoring, well planned appraisal cycles, rewards, recognition to workplace flexibility, almost everything is designed for the employees to optimize their career and have a life too!

Handling a broad spectrum of technologies and heterogeneous customer environments to provide competitive and scalable solutions, SO Delivery does this through its strong team headed by competent project managers and people managers who continuously motivate and guide the employees to outperform and deliver.

IBM offers you so much more than just a job... it's a way of life, it's a place where you can dream, innovate and work with intelligent, motivated and passionate people!

Learning & Development

The programs at IBM help employees tap into the collaborative experiences of colleagues, peers and leaders. This helps people gain wealth through a variety of training programs like teaming & collaboration, management development initiatives, honing foundational competencies, team building and leadership programs.

Building expertise and aligning development to IBM's strategy is the best way to increase your ability to contribute and succeed professionally. IBM is committed to providing you with opportunities to enhance your skills. Towards this end, it has set up a framework to identify strengths, interests, goals, needs and development activities. The skills, knowledge, expertise and relationships that you build along the way are key enablers to help you take charge of your professional career development journey.

IBM has created an environment where you can learn both formally and through on the job learning activities. As you progress, you need to pause and understand the types of learning and career development opportunities that are possible at IBM. You need to take time to explore the various types of offerings that will get you closer to your short-term and long- term professional career goals. IBM's online learning portal provides over 20,000 courses and innumerable tests and assessments, besides there are classroom and virtual classes too. IBM's mentoring programme is another wonderful opportunity that provides truly deserving candidates a unique growth path.

Work life balance

IBM's committed to creating a workplace culture and environment where employees can balance their responsibilities to work, family, education and other personal needs. To this end, we have built flexibility into the way we work, which allows all our employees to have as much choice and control as possible over how, where and when they work as long as they are effective in what they do. Our work tools, from cell phones to the intranet, have profoundly changed how work gets done, which means that all the traditional assumptions about workplace and contribution have had to be rethought.

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