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Are you an IBMer?

Work for a company you can be proud of. A diverse company with strong values, IBM thrives on innovation. And IBM's most important innovation is the 'IBMer'. Some companies manage by rules. Some by hierarchies. IBM manages by its values.

"IBM has reinvented itself many times. But through it all, its DNA, its soul remained intact... IBM's most important innovation wasn't a technology or management system. Its revolutionary idea was to define and run a company by a set of strongly held beliefs."
Sam Palmisano, IBM Chairman & CEO

IBMers values:

In 2003, IBM undertook the first reexamination of its values in nearly 100 years. Through "Values-Jam," an unprecedented 72-hour discussion on IBM's global intranet, IBMers came together to define the essence of the company. The result? A set of core values, defined by IBMers for IBMers, that shape the way we lead, the way we decide, and the way we act.

Do IBM's values ring true for you? If they are the way you show up in the world, then you'll enjoy the responsibility of being an IBMer.

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