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Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction is our priority learn more

In India/SA, we constantly monitor client satisfaction levels and have developed processes to help us respond quickly and effectively to client concerns.

Handling complaints
Our complaints handling process aims to have all complaints acknowledged within 1 business day and resolved quickly. We monitor and seek to improve our performance against this goal at internal reviews by the extended Leadership Team.

What happens when you make a complaint?

If you are not happy with some part of IBM's service to you, you should first discuss this issue with your IBM representative. If he/she is unable to resolve your complaint, it will be assigned to a dedicated team including a 'resolution owner' this person will be your contact regarding the complaint until it is resolved.

Situation where you cannot reach local IBM representative, you can now register your feedback /issues directly to us. Register Feedback/Complaint

Within 1 business day of making a complaint, you will be contacted by the resolution owner to establish criteria under which you will consider the issue resolved and a timeframe for implementing the resolution.

Post Complaint Satisfaction Survey
IBM surveys a large sample of clients who have made a complaint to assess satisfaction with how their complaint was handled. We use feedback from this survey to continually improve our complaints handling process.

Global support
IBM puts the full weight of our international expertise towards resolving critical situations. Depending on the nature of your complaint, your resolution team may include global resources, enabling us to work on the issue 24/7 and bringing you some of the best technical experts in the world.