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Are you connected? Experience the only official IBM alumni Group on LinkediIn. The Greater IBM connection.

Welcome to The Greater IBM Connection, India Chapter!

The Greater IBM Connection is a global business and professional community bringing together current and former IBMers from around the world to generate ideas, collaborate, and connect.

You’ve heard people say, ‘Once an IBMer, always an IBMer”? We know it’s true – when IBMers leave the company, they often miss hearing about the latest cutting-edge IBM innovations and industry trends. And they always mention missing their colleagues and friends.

If you are or have been an IBM employee, then you’re already a Greater IBMer. Join today to strengthen your network of contacts; to keep up with the latest news, career advice and opportunities; and to be part of the conversation.

Locally, join the IBM India LinkedIn group to participate in the latest discussions and to connect with your fellow Greater IBMers. The Greater IBM Connection is one of the largest corporate networking groups on LinkedIn with an active membership and daily discussions on various business topics.

(Note: The Greater IBM Connection on LinkedIn is not open to contractors. If you are a contractor who is a former IBM employee, register as FORMER IBM employee).

Globally, you can also be a part of The Greater IBM Connection on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and view it all from one place.